Professor’s Rounds

This participatory forum, together with input you receive during rounds involving patient encounters, will allow you to apply crucial information to patient care.

You will help lead sessions, presenting an interesting case that offers potential for learning about once each year. Cases are analyzed in their broader context, incorporating localization, pathophysiology and evidence-based medicine in treatment.

You will appraise and assimilate information about the case you present, aided by your growing awareness of evidence-based medicine.

Your presentation and accompanying handout will cover the patient’s history and findings from physical and neurological examinations, imaging and other laboratory tests. After a faculty member leads the discussion, you conclude with a brief, formal presentation of the topic based on your review of relevant medical literature.

These sessions are invaluable in helping you learn how to select cost-effective diagnostic tests and treatment modalities — information you will include in your proposed treatment plans. In addition, you will learn about and discuss guidelines of the American Academy of Neurology and American Academy of Pediatrics.