Pediatric Neurology Case Conference and Journal Club

You will join with child neurology faculty and nurses as well as medical students to review cases and discuss the care of inpatients during your training at Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

Topics include treatment-related dilemmas for children with severe neurological impairment. Discussions also cover quality issues, such as patient access, emergency room management, returning patients, adverse effects of medications, mortality and evidence-based approaches to care.

Through this process, you will gain increasing sophistication in presenting cases, synthesizing clinical material and formulating care plans.

Through journal clubs, you will learn to present and critique relevant articles about the treatment of children with neurologic diseases.

You will participate in group discussions based on articles chosen either by a faculty expert or a resident, with advice from the attending child neurologist.

These sessions give you time to identify and review pertinent clinical literature, particularly in rapidly evolving areas. Topics, for example, have included hypothermia therapy and treatment of neonatal seizures and optic neuritis.

Each session begins with a presentation of the topic by a faculty member or resident. You will take your turn serving as the primary discussant/evaluator.

As a presenter, you summarize the article and present an analysis and detailed critique. The attending physician then offers feedback about your presentation.

Some sessions focus on evidence-based medicine, when the formal presentation is followed by a faculty-led deconstruction of the paper.