Gynecologic Oncology

We integrate outstanding cancer research with cutting-edge, high quality and compassionate patient-centered clinical care to advance the outcomes of women with gynecological malignancies.

Education and Training

We have a proud tradition of academic leadership and excellence in clinical training, and we are committed to training the next generation of OB-GYN physician-scientists and leaders.

Throughout your gynecologic oncology rotation, you will learn to evaluate, diagnose and manage gynecological malignancies.

You will further develop your surgical skills and become familiar with chemotherapy and radiation therapies.

Clinical Care

Based at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, we have a proud tradition of innovation in clinical practice and advances in cancer immunotherapy. We have pioneered the use of vaccines to prolong remission rates in patients with ovarian cancer.

During this intensive training experience, you will serve as a member of the Roswell Park gynecologic oncology team and participate in all aspects of patient care.


Akers, Stacey
Stacey Akers, M.D.
Division Director Gynecologic Oncology

Frederick, Peter
Peter Frederick, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Reyes, Henry
Henry Reyes, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Zsiros, Emese
Emese Zsiros, MD, PhD

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, New York 14263