Research & Facilities

Mark Ehrensberger, PhD, and Menachem Tobias, research scientist.

Like many of our faculty members, Mark Ehrensberger, PhD (right), has a number of research interests. His pursuits include mechanically assessing hard and soft tissue repairs commonly used in orthopaedics and studying implant corrosion mechanisms. 

Our department is heavily involved in research. Our basic science research laboratories engage in biomechanical projects, tissue engineering and microsurgery. We are enthusiastic about our numerous projects involving clinical and translational research, prosthetic design, epidemiology and surgical instrumentation and techniques.

Hiring: Research Coordinator

Application Deadline: September 1st, 2023
Contact: Lin Feng, Clinical Research Coordinator

Learn about the many ways we facilitate new research advances across the field of orthopaedics:

  • Areas of Research
    Members of our department are devoted to addressing difficult problems and advancing knowledge through their research.
  • Current Research Projects
    Our funded faculty research projects advance new research across the field of orthopaedics.
  • Research Highlights
    Faculty, trainees and medical students in our department strive for discoveries that have the potential to affect human health. 
  • Recent Faculty Publications
    View a listing of our faculty’s most recent publications.
  • Recent Research Funding
    With strong financial support from a prestigious blend of sources, we’re among the country’s most productive orthopaedics researchers.
  • Research Opportunities for Students, Residents and Fellows
    Participating in orthopaedics research gives you opportunities to extend the frontiers of knowledge and work toward improving standards for patient care.
  • Clinical Trials
    The clinical trials our faculty conduct build knowledge about a wide spectrum of conditions and improve the quality of care for people in Western New York and around the globe.
  • Labs and Facilities
    Our department is dedicated to advancing the field of orthopaedics and improving musculoskeletal care via innovative research.
  • Research Centers & Institutes
    Our department houses and affiliates with a number of research centers and institutes.
  • Eugene R. Mindell, MD Orthopaedic Residency Scientific Program
    Our residents benefit from the rich experience of presenting their research projects in a formal setting.