Research Opportunities for Students, Residents and Fellows

Gowtham Mohanraj and orthopedic resident Allyson Zakrzewski, MD.

Allyson Zakrzewski, MD (left), a trainee in our orthopaedic residency, and Gowtham Mohanraj, biomedical engineering student, study intramedullary reaming of the femur.

Participating in orthopaedics research gives you opportunities to extend the frontiers of knowledge and work toward improving standards for patient care.

We’re proud to offer research opportunities — which hone skills in critical thinking, data collection, analysis and research presentation — to our medical students, residents and fellows.


As a trainee in our orthopaedics residency, you will have opportunities to participate in a variety of research endeavors during training.


With the guidance of our faculty, our fellows learn to design, implement and interpret research studies. If you’re a fellow in one of our programs, we’ll encourage you to participate in basic bench research, epidemiologic and clinical studies, translational research or clinical trials.

Medical Students

As a UB medical student, you can engage in an elective that trains you how to approach a research topic, conduct research and prepare your work for publication. 

In addition to working on your own project, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of projects taking place in labs and hospital settings.