Expansive Curriculum

We’ll help you fully develop your clinical care abilities, research expertise, professionalism, leadership skills and knowledge about the full spectrum of conditions you will encounter as a specialist in orthopaedics.

Our rotations provide you with a broad skill set. We’ll give you opportunities to build expertise in various types of surgical procedures and arthroplasty, master the fundamentals of spine care, strengthen your knowledge in the field of sports medicine, learn about orthopaedic oncology and interact with pediatric patients.

We will carefully prepare you for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons certification exam; our program has a high pass rate.

Highlight: Our residency program scored in the 91st percentile for the 2022 Orthopaedic in Training Exam (OITE)!

It’s critical that residents perform well on this exam, so we’re proud to offer you curriculum that will thoroughly prepare you. The majority of our graduates successfully complete the exam and go on to productive careers.

Valuable Research Opportunities

As a resident in our program, you can contribute to current developments in the field of orthopaedics. We’ll furnish you with solid knowledge of approaches used in laboratory research, statistical analysis and standard methods of clinical trial design. 

Publications by our faculty reflect the broad range of research interests encompassed by our division. Our residents share research studies with physicians and scientists worldwide through publications in leading academic journals

Our faculty welcome you into their labs to embark on meaningful studies in a variety of areas.

Wide Variety of Conferences and Lectures

Our didactic curriculum supplements the bedside experience you gain during rotations. We enable you to participate in conferences, grand rounds and journal club sessions that sharpen your analytical skills and help you stay current in the field.

You’ll broaden your knowledge of important and evolving topics pertaining to orthopaedic surgery, adult reconstructive surgery and sports medicine. 

Multiple Clinical Training Sites

Our connections to major health care facilities throughout the greater Buffalo area give you experience treating a wide-ranging patient base in disparate clinical settings. 

We’ll train you in specialized orthopaedics facilities that offer patients world-class care. You’ll have the opportunity to train in an urban hospital, a county medical center, private offices and a pediatric medical center. Working at these sites will help you acquire the skills you need to adapt to a wide variety of professional settings. Our diverse environments expose you to multiple styles of patient care and management. 

Autonomy for Important Life Decisions

We understand: A healthy work-life balance is critical to your well-being. In our program, you don’t have to compromise your personal life to be successful.

A large percentage of medical trainees plan to have a child in the years following medical school. That’s why we fully support family leave for any resident welcoming a new family member through birth, fostering or adoption. We also support medical leave if you need to care for a family member with a qualifying serious health condition.

Our flexible family leave policy can help you reduce stress and increase your autonomy in making decisions affecting you and your loved ones.

Q & A With Dr. Doak

Achieve Your Goals, Enjoy Your Life

Western New York offers the ideal environment in which to culminate your training while still enjoying your life.

In your off-hours, you can take advantage of everything the “City of Good Neighbors” has to offer: a robust cultural scene, family-friendly amenities and excellent dining options, to name a few — all in a region that boasts one of the lowest costs of living in the country.

You’ll realize that the buzz about Buffalo is authentic the moment you step on our expanding downtown medical campus for your first day of training.

Amidst this exciting growth and transformation, it’s easy to envision yourself taking your place among the growing community of medical professionals who are reshaping our region into a dynamic health care hub.