Continuity Clinics

University Orthopaedic Center — North.

Our University Orthopaedic Center — North training site allows you to provide continuity of care and develop valuable relationships with the patients you see.

As an orthopaedics resident, you will gain experience in continuity clinics. Each has a distinct patient base, an interesting and varied mix of cases and supportive faculty. 

In addition to holding outpatient clinics at Erie County Medical CenterBuffalo General Medical Center and Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, we have outpatient clinics in private practice plan offices and in Amherst, N.Y., offices and Orchard Park, N.Y., facilities. 

As a resident, you’ll gain preoperative, nonoperative and postoperative patient experience at these sites.

We’ll assign patients to you based on your rotation assignments. You can expect to spend half or full days of clinical hours at these sites.

Our program holds outpatient clinics at two sites:

Training Sites

University Orthopaedic Center — North

University Orthopaedic Center — South