Education & Training

Andrew Gage, MD, and Joseph B. Kuechle MD, PhD.

Our faculty members are enthusiastic about providing one-on-one training. Joseph B. Kuechle, MD, PhD (right), shares his knowledge of orthopedic oncology and lower extremity joint reconstruction with resident Andrew Gage, MD.

Fellows, residents and medical students find that our department provides them with the experience, training and knowledge they need to build successful careers.

Resident Training

  • Orthopaedic Residency
    We are committed to furthering the field of orthopaedics and all of its subspecialities. We are known for our leading-edge research, world-class faculty, excellent training opportunities and compassionate patient care. 


  • Adult Reconstructive Surgery
    Our one-year fellowship prepares you with the knowledge and clinical skills required to function as a specialist who can competently treat and manage all aspects of lower-extremity conditions.
  • Hand and Upper Extremity
    Our one-year fellowship prepares you to safely and effectively care for patients; develops the skills and knowledge you need to enter the unsupervised practice of hand and upper extremity surgery; and solidifies your foundation for continued professional growth.
  • Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
    Our fellowship is a comprehensive program that equips you with the clinical and surgical skills, research experience and team-coverage opportunities you need to embark on a rewarding career in sports medicine.
  • Primary Care Sports Medicine
    Whether you strive to work in primary care or the pros, our one-year accredited fellowship gives you the skills you need to realize your goals.

Medical Student Training

  • Medical Student Education
    Through sound, in-depth teaching, we prepare medical students with a foundation in orthopaedics that enables careers in specialties from sports medicine to hip and knee arthroplasty. 
  • Continuing Medical Education
    Our CME programs offer physicians and allied health care professionals continuous improvement opportunities in patient health care via evidence-based educational activities focusing on advances in medicine, new medical technology, biomedical research and changes in the health care environment.
  • Teaching and Learning Facilities
    The breadth and excellence of our teaching resources makes our department an outstanding place to advance your education and training.
  • How to Apply
    If you’ve decided to devote yourself to challenging training, compassionate patient care, collaborative research and overall excellence in orthopaedics, our department is the right place for you.