Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship

Robert H. Ablove, MD.

We go above and beyond the average hand and upper extremity fellowship. Program director Robert H. Ablove, MD, is dedicated to providing training that equips you with the surgical and research experience you need.

Our one-year fellowship prepares you to safely and effectively care for patients; develops the skills and knowledge you need to enter the unsupervised practice of hand and upper extremity surgery; and solidifies your foundation for continued professional growth.

Why choose our program?

Find out more about what makes our fellowship an ideal choice:

  • Message from the Program Director
    The most unique aspect of our program is that we tailor each fellow’s experience to fit their individual interests.
  • Curriculum
    Our program is structured to provide a balance of clinical training, research and teaching experience in the line of hand and upper extremity surgery, including shoulder arthroplasty and arthroscopy.
  • Clinical Training Sites
    Our connections to health care facilities throughout the greater Buffalo area give you experience treating a wide-ranging patient base in multiple clinical settings.
  • Microsurgery and Research Lab
    Our laboratory simulates the arthroscopic operating room environment by using realistic synthetic joint models and cadaveric specimens. You can learn and practice surgical skills in a controlled environment with our virtual reality arthroscopy simulator.
  • Our Fellows and Alumni
    Fellows report that our mentoring environment and their exposure to a wide spectrum of pathologies and disorders helps them feel confident about becoming hand and upper extremity specialists.
  • Salary, Benefits and Support
    Our salaries do not include the additional value of your benefits, which UB GME pays. Most institutions ask you to pay for your own benefits. Add $5,000 for single coverage and $13,000 for family coverage to our salaries for an accurate figure of your effective salary to compare what you will earn here to other programs.
  • How to Apply
    Our rigorous training program is competitive and selective; dozens of physicians apply each year, but we can accept only three.
  • Contact Us
    We are here to answer all of your questions.

Director’s Welcome

Our faculty members — leading experts with collective decades of experience — are eager to mentor you.

Our Program at a Glance

Positions: 3

Training highlights:

  • one-on-one clinical mentoring
  • protected research time
  • flexible rotation schedule
  • wide scope of upper extremity exposure

Program length: 1 year