Why choose our program?

Find out more about what makes our fellowship an excellent choice:

  • 8/26/21
    Our rigorous clinical training, enthusiastic faculty and fully-equipped research facilities set you up for success, whether you embark on an academic career or plan to enter clinical practice.
  • 10/20/20
    Our curriculum will prepare you to be a skillful specialist in the field of hip and knee arthroplasty. 
  • 10/20/20
    Our curriculum enables you to participate in a variety of conferences that complement the hands-on training you undertake in our rotations.
  • 10/20/20
    Our connections to health care facilities throughout the greater Buffalo area give you experience treating a wide-ranging patient base in several clinical settings.
  • 10/20/20
    Research is an important component of our fellowship program. We provide you with research guidance and ensure that your clinical obligations do not interfere with adequate time for meaningful research.
  • 9/13/21
    Whether you aspire to center your career on clinical care or aim for a future dedicated mostly to orthopaedic research, you — like our graduates — can finish our program feeling equipped with the knowledge and experience you need.