Why Should You Choose Our Fellowship Program?

Curriculum Designed to Meet Your Needs

If you train in our program, you’ll understand the benefit of the sideline and training-room experience our curriculum provides; you’ll feel confident treating professional athletes and handling the most challenging cases and injuries.

Our program is structured to give you clinical and operative experience while helping you develop your skills in literature review. Additionally, we know the importance of research and staying current in the field, so we enable you to undertake research during your time in our fellowship.

Variety of Training Situations

Our program enables you to treat athletes in a variety of settings. Whether you’re administering care at sports venues such as hockey rinks and football fields, performing surgical procedures in ambulatory centers and hospitals or seeing patients in the private office environment, you’ll always be gaining experience that’s indispensable to your career.

We enable you to train in health care facilities throughout the greater Buffalo area, and we ensure you’re ready to provide competent treatment for the full spectrum of sports-related conditions.

Complementary Didactics

As a fellow in our program, you can expect to attend meetings that help you build critical evaluation skills and learn information that’s invaluable to developing your expertise in sports medicine.

Our trainees say our conferences are thought-provoking gatherings that expand their knowledge and complement their hands-on training.

We’ll expose you to distinguished guest speakers and lectures that will expand your thinking and introduce you to developing ideas and key concepts about orthopaedic sports medicine care.

Dedicated Mentors

Our faculty members are known throughout the nation for their expertise in shoulder, hip, ankle, knee and elbow arthroscopy. In our program, they’re known for the friendly, effective guidance they provide. The achievements our current fellows attain during training and the fulfillment they experience throughout their careers speak to the high quality mentoring environment our faculty create.

Moreover, former trainees in our program report that our program’s mentoring has made a difference in their careers.

Autonomy for Important Life Decisions

We understand: A healthy work-life balance is critical to your well-being. In our program, you don’t have to compromise your personal life to be successful.

A large percentage of physicians plan to have a child in their residency or fellowship years. That’s why we fully support family leave for any fellow welcoming a new family member through birth, fostering or adoption. We also support medical leave if you need to care for a family member with a qualifying serious health condition.

Our flexible family leave policy can help you reduce stress and increase your autonomy in making decisions affecting you and your loved ones.

A Beautiful, Vibrant Living Community

  • Buffalo is known for its snow, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that our region enjoys four distinct seasons.

    Our region is characterized by a neighborly way of life, an unpretentious nature and spirited loyalty among residents.

    Get past the snowy stereotype and you’ll be immediately captivated by Buffalo’s beauty, heritage, temperate climate and welcoming environment.