How to Apply

Applications are made online using the UB Graduate School admissions portal, accessed by clicking the “Apply Now” button above.

You’ll need to submit scanned copies of all required supporting documents before your application will be reviewed. You may save and edit your application as you go.

Official documents will be required if you are offered admission.

Once your application is ready, you must formally submit it to upload your documents.

Check Your Status

You may log in at any time to check your status.

The online checklist is your best source about the status of your application during the review process; please check it frequently. 

You will receive an email when your admission decision is available in the portal.


A bachelor’s degree is required to enter the program.


Applications to our graduate programs are evaluated on:

  1. Academic background; i.e. college coursework.  A strong basic science background – chemistry, physics, math – is desirable, as is good performance in upper level biology courses.
  2. Personal statement and letters of recommendation. These provide a gauge of interest and commitment, as well as an additional indication of abilities.
  3. Research experience is a major plus because graduate training is very research-oriented, and so can be very different from one's undergraduate classroom experience.  It is very helpful both for the admissions committee and for the applicant to know that an applicant knows what biomedical research is like and has demonstrated some affinity and talent for it.
  4. A personal interview may be requested of an applicant, either in person or by phone or internet, if the admissions committee desires further clarification of a student’s qualifications. An interview also provides applicants with an opportunity to meet with faculty and students and determine whether they find the department a favorable environment to continue their education.

English Proficiency Requirement

International applicants must present a valid English Language Proficiency test score. It is university policy that test dates be no older than two years when students enter a program. We recommend uploading scanned copies of your results at the time of application in order to expedite the review process.

  • Institution code: R2925 (SUNY-University at Buffalo)

The minimum score that we accept is:

Internet-based TOEFL Test (iBT) 79
Paper-based TOEFL Test (PBT) 550
Computer-based TOEFL Test (CBT) 213

Special Note for International Students

If you are applying from outside the United States, apply as early as possible to ensure time for application and visa processing.

The deadline for international applications for our programs is April 1, but it is strongly recommended that you apply early, at least 6-9 months prior to the term start date (depending on your country of origin). 


Once you submit your application online for formal review, you will be provided with a link to our online payment system, where you can pay the application fee.