PAS 800 Senior Teaching in the Anatomical Sciences, 4 credits

NOTE: A "G" after the module in the class schedule indicates the Gross section; a "H" indicates the Histology section; a "N" indicates the Neuroscience section.

This course is designed to give seniors an opportunity to assist in the teaching of Gross Anatomy, Histology, or Neuroscience. It will provide an excellent opportunity to understand and teach the basic science concepts on which much of clinical medicine depends.

You will serve as a teacher in laboratory and small group discussions in whichever course is selected. By choosing the appropriate module, you can be registered during the time when a specific body area, tissue, or system is to be studied by the first- or second- year class and which you would prefer to review and teach.

At the completion of this course, you will have had an opportunity to act as a teacher, helping others understand how clinical disorders are related to basic anatomical concepts. You will also be able to appreciate some of the expectations and responsibilities  of teaching as a career.

Before registering to teach in Histology or Neuroscience, students must receive permission from the instructor of the course (Histology - Dr. Moore; Neuroscience - Dr. Cohan).  Registration to teach in Gross Anatomy is on a "first come, first served" basis, with a maximum capacity of 6 TAs in each module.  Students who add/drop AFTER the registration time period should send their add/drop forms to the attention of the course coordinator at

Please be advised that this is not the Advanced Dissection course.

Prerequisite: MS4


  • Gross: C to F
  • Histology: C to F
  • Neuroscience: E and F (Fall); G and H (Spring)

Number of students: 

  • Gross: 6 per module
  • Histology: 4 per module
  • Neuroscience: 8-16 per module

Course Directors:

Course Coordinator: