Kornel L. Terplan Memorial Lecture

Kornel L. Terplan, MD.

Kornel L. Terplan was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology for nearly thirty years (1933-1960). He guided the Department through difficult times prior to and during World War II.

His leadership was even more important in the 1950´s when there was considerable change and unprecedented growth in medical schools throughout the country.

One of the leading figures at the UB School of Medicine, Dr. Terplan was known for his energy, enthusiasm, and personal warmth.

Dr. Terplan was also an eminent scholar, most notably for his contributions to our understanding of tuberculosis.

During his retirement, Dr. Terplan continued to be productive for 25 more years pursuing his lifelong interest in neuropathology.

The Terplan Memorial Lecture Endowment

Although the Terplan family continues to provide support, we welcome much-needed contributions to continue funding this wonderful event. Gifts of $1000 or more will include you as a member of the James Platt White Society - the medical school's recognition society for its best donors.

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