Research and Facilities

Zhen Yan, PhD.

You can train with mentors like Zhen Yan, PhD, a distinguished neurobiologist studying cellular and synaptic neuroscience. Her findings have advanced knowledge about disorders like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our pursuit of groundbreaking research in physiology and biophysics complements our department’s commitment to excellence in clinical care and education.

Areas of current research emphasis of our faculty include:

  • elucidation of the mechanisms of ligand- and voltage-dependent channel gating
  • stretch-activated channel function
  • cell signaling and electrophysiological properties of cells within the CNS, heart and epithelial tissues
  • adaptive responses of the body, including skeletal muscle, to environmental stress
  • retinal function and development of visual systems
  • neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., Juvenile Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease)
  • protein-protein interactions, protein folding and design
  • calcium signaling within heart cells
  • vascular biology
Feng Qin, PhD.

Faculty members will welcome you into their labs to embark on meaningful research. Feng Qin, PhD, studies structural functions of ion channels involved in pain and temperature sensation.