Research Areas

Faculty Research Interests

  • Anthony L. Auerbach, Professor; Ph.D., Oregon, 1978. Ligand-gated and synaptic-receptor ion channels; molecular kinetics; molecular basis of drug action.
  • Joan S. Baizer, Associate Professor; Ph.D., Brown, 1973. Neuroanatomy and physiology of vision.
  • Donald Campbell, Associate Professor; Ph.D., Texas Medical Branch, 1986. Cardiac ion channels; drug effects; neuromodulation of ion channels, nitric oxide.
  • Michael E. Duffey, Professor of Physiology, Biophysics and Medicine, and Director of Graduate Studies for Physiology; Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon, 1977. Regulation of epithelial ion channels.
  • Jian Feng, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Tennessee, 1997. Mouse genetic models for neurological disorders; molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration.
  • Perry Hogan, Distinguished Teaching Professor; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1968. Electrophysiology of cardiac muscle.
  • Randall Rasmusson, Associate Professor; Ph.D., Duke University, 1991. Cardiac ion channels; mathematical modeling; structure-function analysis of channels.
  • Frederick Sachs, Professor; Ph.D., SUNY Upstate Medical Center, 1971. Cell and molecular mechanisms of mechanical transductions; light and atomic force microscopy; mathematical modeling; software and instrumentation development.
  • Malcolm M. Slaughter, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for Biophysics; Ph.D., Fordham, 1977. Retinal physiology and synaptic neuroscience.
  • Susan B. Udin, Professor; Ph.D., MIT, 1975. Developmental neurobiology of visual systems.
  • Zhen Yan, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1997. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of ion channel regulation; signal transduction in CNS neurons.