Global Medicine Program

Medical students posing for a picture in Haiti.

Students and residents gain valuable, first hand exposure to tropical medicine and different cultures that they likely would not encounter during normal rotations in the United States.

Our Global Medicine Program inspires, educates and equips medical students, medical residents, faculty and others to provide healthcare in medically under-served communities, locally and globally.

Our Goals

Our overall goal is to serve those in need and learn from them. We aim to do this with competence, humility, compassion and ingenuity. We seek to provide excellent service by optimizing:


Ensuring our efforts are both worthwhile and long-lasting.


Equipping ourselves and those we serve. Our goal is to empower others so that they will eventually be able to meet their own needs.

Relationship Building

Getting to know people and their culture and learning from them.


Where students at UB and in the communities we serve develop a vision for their talents and careers to make a positive and significant difference in the world.

Interprofessional Teamwork

Where students and health professionals from all different disciplines work closely together and learn from each other.

Creative Problem Solving

Ingenuity is needed to provide optimal care and assist others in meeting their needs in low resource settings.

Empathy and Compassion

The core of why we do what we do.

Contact Us

Holmes, David

David Holmes, MD

Clinical Associate Professor; Director of Global Health Education, Department of Family Medicine; Associate Program Director, Interim Medical Director and Associate Clinical Chief, ECMC Family Medicine

ECMC Family Health Center 462 Grider Street Buffalo, NY 14215

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