Neuroscience GSA

As part of the Graduate Student Association, our students are part of the sub-chapter in Neuroscience.

The chapter organizes social and academic activities and also provides funding for graduate students. The main activities include our annual Brain Awareness Week and Brain Bee.

About Brain Awareness Week

As a part of SFN's annual Brain Awareness Week, our Neuroscience GSA chapter promotes brain research through community outreach. Our most recent project involved presenting at a local elementary school (Highgate Heights), involving a talk (given by graduate students) as well as hands-on demonstrations.

About Brain Bee

Brain Bee is an annual competition in neuroscience for high school students. In order to qualify for the international and national Brain Bees, students must win their local competitions. Buffalo’s local competition is annually held by Canisius College and co-sponsored by the local SFN chapter and our GSA. Neuroscience GSA students aid in preparation for the Brain Bee and also participate as judges for the competition.

Other Activities/Benefits

The nGSA is often involved in many other activities including social activities, journal clubs, and conferences. Students can also apply for numerous grants through the GSA and the chapter for research or travel to conferences.

Please visit the nGSA website for more information.

Current nGSA Board:

President: Jamal Williams
Vice President: Mohammad Nadir Haider
Treasurer: Leanna Kalinowski
Secretary: Roopa Ravichandar
Senators: Ashmita Mukherjee and Maddie Gregory

Faculty Advisor: Fraser Sim