Future Students

students in a laboratory.

Join a post-bacc master’s program as unique as you.

Are you looking for a fulfilling career, but know you’ll need more training? We know that next step can be intimidating, which is why we’ve designed a program that provides the experiences and curriculum you need to help you prepare for the next step in your education.

Learn in a Medical School

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You’ll gain access to medical school faculty and facilities during your entire curriculum.

Our position within a medical school offers opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. You’ll work with mentors who engage in research across the medical campus. They are eager to share their experience and knowledge with you.

Flexible Curriculum

You’ll get to shape your education based on your interests and goals. Choose from one of our tracks, or explore options to find the right path for you.

While many programs are geared toward students looking for a focused experience in one particular discipline, our program gives you a broad overview of the biomedical sciences.

Still Deciding on a Path?

Our curriculum, taught by faculty members with notable records of achievement in the biomedical sciences, is well-suited for students who want to build strong academic foundations in the biomedical sciences but are undecided about their specific career goals.

If you’re still deciding whether to pursue medicine or a biomedical research career, we can help you find your path.

While we provide structured courses in the biomedical sciences, these courses are balanced by our program’s most distinguishing feature: our flexible seminar series. Since you’ll choose one seminar to attend each week — and you’ll select among dozens of seminars, spanning a wide variety of subjects — you’ll have ample opportunities to explore unfamiliar areas and find out if they spark your interest.

Already Know Your Path?

Pre-Health Track

If you plan to apply to professional health programs — such as medical, dental, or veterinary school — you can select seminar offerings that give you the experience you need to craft a stand-out application. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend grand rounds hosted by several clinical departments. Attending grand rounds related to your interests can increase your knowledge in specific areas of your choice. We’ll strengthen your foundation in basic biomedical sciences coursework, helping you demonstrate that you’re ready for professional health programs.

Research Track

If you’ve already decided to pursue a research career, our curriculum — with its customizable seminars — will expose you to the full breadth of biomedical science disciplines and translational medicine concepts. In addition, if you’re interested in gaining research experience, you can work in basic science laboratories during your capstone and beyond.

Individual Approach, Individual Attention

faculty member working with student.

You’ll benefit from a training structure where answers to scientific questions are provided by faculty from a variety of disciplines and scientific fields. 

We are enthusiastic about helping our students succeed. One of our experienced, supportive faculty members will guide you through your capstone project, giving you insight about the value of faculty-student mentoring relationships.

Ready to start your journey?