In our program, you will obtain a broad-based foundation in biomedical and biological sciences to prepare you for a professional health or research career.

Our Interdisciplinary Focus

In addition to the required foundation courses in the basic sciences, you’ll choose electives from among courses offered by our 11 participating departments and programs.  Each semester, you’ll take our Biomedical Sciences Seminar, which will expose you to the research most relevant to your interests – both basic science and translational.


In your final semester, you’ll complete a capstone project and demonstrate the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired throughout our program.

We are enthusiastic about helping our students succeed. One of our experienced, supportive faculty members will guide you through your project, giving you insight about the value of faculty-student mentoring relationships.

Required Coursework

During the first fall semester, your required coursework will focus on genetics and your choice of biochemistry or cell biology, along with research ethics and journal club courses.  The remaining required core courses will be completed in your final fall semester.

Each semester, you’ll also complete our required seminar course, which allows you to select seminars of your choice each week and exposes you to current topics in both basic science research and translational medicine.

1st Semester

  • BMS 501 Cell Biology I, 4 credits


  • BCH 503 Biochemical Principles, 4 credits
  • GGB 502 Essentials of Genetics and Genomics, 3 credits
  • BMS 514LEC Introduction to Scientific Investigation and Responsible Conduct, 2 credits
  • BMS 513LEC Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Master's Seminar, 2 Credits
  • BMS 600 Biomedical Sciences Seminar

2nd Semester

  • BMS 600 Biomedical Sciences Seminar
  • 11 credits of electives

3rd Semester

  • BMS 501 Cell Biology I, 4 credits


  • BCH 503 Biochemical Principles, 4 credits
  • BMS 600 Biomedical Sciences Seminar
  • BMS 650 Project Guidance
  • 1-6 credits of electives


After your first semester, you can choose from electives in a variety of biomedical sciences departments:

If you are interested in research, you can gain this experience through independent study or your capstone project.