Facilities Planning and Space Allocation Policy

The Select Committee on Facilities Planning and Space Allocation reviews the policy of the Jacobs School as it relates to facilities planning.

The committee determines the available research space in the school and the projected time to full occupancy.

The committee critiques the policy for assigning space and, if appropriate, recommends changes.

The committee determines the plans for developing new research space within the next five years. It assesses the match between projected needs and projected space.

The committee suggests additional space that might be available and provides an assessment of advantages or disadvantages.


The committee will review and revised the Space Allocation Policy of the Jacobs School as appropriate.

The committee is also charged with confirming that the school's space allocation policy conforms to LCME standards.


Chair 2023-2025

2023-2025 Term

Ex-Officio Members

  • David Dietz
    Deans Designee Associate Dean for Research Strategy
  • Alfred Dunn
    Associate Vice President for Business Operations
  • Michael Odojewski
    Facilities Planning and Management Officer
  • Gabriela Popescu
    Faculty Council President