Medical Students Honored at Convocation Ceremony

Published November 20, 2017

Twelve students in the medical education program received special recognition during an honors convocation event.


The awardees, who were recognized for meritorious performance in coursework and outstanding achievement in other curriculum-related activities, are:

Edward L. Curvish, MD, Award for Excellence in Biochemistry

Recognizes the two students with the highest averages in biochemistry
Luke Degraaff
Michael Musteric

Ernest Witebsky Award

Given to a medical student achieving the highest grades in microbiology and immunology
Ryan Hess
Matthew Kabalan

Marek Zaleski Award

Awarded to students who best combine high standards of academic achievement with outstanding service to the community
Ronald Aaron S. Bola

Kornel Terplan Award

Recognizes the highest average in pathology
Ryan Miller

John B. Sheffer Award

Given to students who have achieved academically and — on the basis of faculty nominations — have also presented particular aptitude in the laboratory setting
Andrew Sauvageau

James A. Gibson, Wayne J. Atwell and Oliver P. Jones Award

For the student with the highest continued average in the anatomical sciences
Paul Blasio

Anthony Postoloff Scholarship Award in Pathology

Honors a student in the third year who intends to pursue a career in pathology
Tara Hogan

Douglas S. Riggs Award

Awarded to medical students with the best academic performance in pharmacology coursework
Andrew Knapp
Denise Polaski
Andrew Sauvageau

Donald W. Rennie Physiology Award

Given to students with the highest averages in physiology
Matthew Kabalan

Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship

Awarded to a student who has lived or worked in diverse environments or who has overcome obstacles such as socioeconomic, cultural or educational disadvantages and brings these experiences to the learning environment, helping to foster a community of diversity and inclusion
Jalisa Kelly

151 Students From 3 Classes Receive Dean’s Letters

Dean’s Letters of Commendation recognize exceptional coursework. In years one and two, they are awarded to students who earn honors grades in 75 percent of required courses or achieve 75 percent of available honors points each year. In year three, students who earn at least four honors and two high satisfactory grades are honored. 

A total of 151 students were honored with Dean’s Letters of Commendation:

Class of 2020

Craig Ashcroft
Paul Blasio
Joseph Brazzo
Ruth Cadet
Matthew Castellana
Nikhita Chahal
Esha Chebolu
Amandip Cheema
Christian Curatolo
Luke Degraaff
Kaitlyn Edbauer
Marek Falkowski
Kendall Franz
Jacob Fried
Eric Gervey
Patricia Gianfagna
Henry Greyner-Almeida
Nicholas Grzibowski
Jessica Hinaman
Andrew Hurst
Alimul Islam
Franklin Jeng
Alvin Jeon
Holly Johnson
Piotr Karmilowicz
Simranjit Kaur
Patricia Kim
Ye Rin Koh
William Lashomb
James S. Lee
Alexander Loftus
Alexandra Marasco
Chelsea Marin
Sean P. Martin
Samantha McPeck
Timothy Miller
Jacob Mojeski
Michael Musteric
Victoria Mustovic
Michael O’Sullivan
Keity Okazaki
Nicole Parada
Mitchell L. Pawlak
Aurora Phillips
Alexis Platek
Marta Plonka
Nicholas Pokoj
Gregory Raczkowski
Richard Rambuss
Sarah Rusnak
Lisa Saffire
Kevin Schauer
Ashutosh Sharma
Brandon Skavla
Rachel Tullio
Thor Vandehei
Michelle Whittum
Jon Zelasko
Charles Zhang
Patricia Zick
Kyle Zittel

Class of 2019

Aarti Agarwal
Nabiha Ahsan
Jeffrey Aldinger
Connor Arquette
Max Blumberg
Joel Braverman
Sarah Budik
Dylan Constantino
Catherine J. De Guzman
Alison Edwards
Mary K. Frauenheim
Colleen Gardner
Lawrence Gersz
Caroline Gorka
Amanda Gotsch
Shelby Hall
Kevin Hannon
Joelle Hartke
Ryan Hess
Austin Iovoli
Eric Jorgensen
Matthew Kabalan
Benjamin Kasper
Daniil Khaitov
Caleb Kitcho
Andrew Knapp
Kevin Koss
Jessica Lapiano
Mark Lawlor
Alexander Macfarlane
Patrick McGoff
Jasmyn Miller
Ryan Miller
Kira Murphy
Ryan O’Connor
Andrew Pasquale
Denise Polaski
Christine Robertson
Michael Rodman
Nicole Ruh
Patrick Salemme
Priya Sasankan
Andrew Sauvageau
Neha N. Sharma
Amanda Sherman
Meiyi Shi
Yuhao Shi
Timothy Shub
Ashley Smith
Jillian Smith
Sarah Sonenberg
Kenneth Stransky
Shannon Tierney
James Waris
Corey Wolf
Irene Yu
Eva Zimmerman
Felipe Zinkewich

Class of 2018

Julian Buchinger
Kimberly Dorso
Christina Douglas
Laura Easton
Rachel Engelberg
Ariel Engelman
Erin Frost
Scott Ketcham
Brian Killeen
Joseph Kuhn
Kristine P. Lacuna
Juliann Lajoie
Megan Lesperance
Chong Li
Matthew Loecher
Thomas Makin
Sean Mendez
James Miller
Alexandra Morell
Mary Pilarz
Alexandr Pinkhasov
William Polachek
Alexandra Reis
Michael Sayegh
Kaci Schiavone
Warren Tai
Zhuangjun Wang
Matthias Williams
Travis Wright
Cassandra J. Young
Alison Zeccola
Yiyun Zhou

Faculty From 5 Departments Presented Awards

The 10 awards were presented by faculty members from five departments:

Additionally, David A. Milling, MD, senior associate dean for student and academic affairs, presented the Dean’s Letters of Commendation.

Michael E. Cain, MD, vice president for health sciences and dean, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, gave opening remarks at the Sept. 16 event.