• Thermostats and Space Heaters
    Faculty and staff members at 955 Main Street: Please note our advisories about thermostats and space heaters.
  • Emergency Evacuation Protocols
    In the event of an emergency, move to the emergency exit nearest to you and leave the building. Find the emergency exit locations closest you when you are in the building at 955 Main Street, especially on floors 3 through 7. Emergency stairwells are fire rated enclosures and lead directly outside.
  • Update to COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols at 955 Main Street
    Seating is limited at tables, chairs have been marked and tables in rooms are arranged to reinforce social distancing.
  • Wear your UB ID at JSMBS Properties
    Your UB Card must be visible at all times in Jacobs School facilities, including classrooms, labs, hallways and study rooms.
  • Custodial Services Update
    In accordance with UB’s social distancing guidelines, UB custodial teams have suspended the cleaning of personal office spaces.
  • Disinfection Starter Kit Distribution
    UB’s Environmental Health and Safety has provided the Jacobs School with a limited amount of cleaning materials and supplies.