Quality Improvement Projects

Current Projects

The OAQI is working on the following projects:

Project Name



Student Success Data Analysis

In Progress: performing statistical analyses.

Utilize historical data to create predictive models to assist the Educational Success Program in improving their outreach efforts.

Strategic Plan

In Progress: Assist the Jacobs School in the strategic planning process.

To create a strategic plan that advances medical education, clinical care, research, diversity, and community engagement at the Jacobs School.

Academic Analytics Portal
In Progress: Educating Jacobs School on the potential uses of the AAP.
To provide departments with a tool that will aid in increasing research projects, collaborations and funding opportunities.
Data Quality Improvement and Departmental Dashboards
In Progress: Centralizing all data sources and addressing data integrity issues.
Establish departmental dashboards that provide an overview of departmental contributions to the medical curriculum and performance metrics from a variety of sources.

Closing the Loop

In Progress: determining most effective method of communication.

To complete the feedback loop so students are aware of actions taken as a result of their feedback.

Completed Projects

The OAQI has completed the following projects and continues to monitor outcomes:

Project Name



Program Assessment via Post-Grad Data Collection
Implement a post-graduation survey of our students to assess how well our program has prepared them for residency.
The annual PGY1 Survey is conducted in conjunction with the AAMC Resident Readiness Survey. Results of both surveys are compared and presented to the Curriculum Committee to help guide quality improvement efforts.
Required Clinical Experiences (RCEs) Passports
Centralized monitoring of required clinical experiences across all clerkships.
Implemented an e-Passport that allows students to log RCE’s and faculty to easily verify completion.
Student Services Focus Groups
Conduct focus groups to gather student feedback and suggestions for improvement initiatives related to student services.
Improvements to debt management and career counseling have been implemented and are continuously being adjusted based on ongoing feedback. Improvements to the elective selection process and availability of electives are in progress.
Pharmacology Curriculum
Conduct student focus groups to gather data and make recommendations for improving the pharmacology curriculum.
Significant improvements to pharmacology have been implemented in both phases of the curriculum.

Grades within six weeks

To ensure all students receive final grades within six weeks of course/clerkship completion.

100% compliance.

Overall Student Satisfaction

To identify factors that influence student satisfaction with overall quality of medical education.

Comprehensive list of factors identified through focus groups with current and former students.  Findings presented to the curriculum/phase committees for consideration during curricular redesign process.  Findings also shared with senior leadership to guide QI projects.

LCME Accreditation

To complete the process of preparing for an LCME accreditation site visit and achieve full accreditation.

Full accreditation achieved. 

QI of the Accreditation Preparation Process
To design a lean, efficient, and effective process for preparing accreditation documents and planning the site visit.
A new process based on Lean principles of waste reduction has been mapped and will be implemented for the next accreditation visit.