Diagram showing Continuous Quality Improvement process. Three gears showing: problem, process and solution. In between them, there are arrows that read Feedback. The whole diagram is sorrounded by an oval shape with arrows that symbolizes continuous flow.

You Said…We Listened, You Asked…We Did

Curricular CQI

Thanks to your suggestions and comments on evaluations, numerous improvements to individual courses have been made.

See the current course syllabi to track the evolution of each course and clerkship.

School-Wide Initiatives

The following are just a few of the school-wide changes made as a result of feedback provided by students.

You said…

We Listened…








February 2018

Students requested improved access to psychiatric services

January 2019

Made available 8 h/wk, access to two UBMD psychiatrists (who do not evaluate students), free of charge to all medical students

Student wellness is important to us. The costs of psychiatric care can be prohibitive. To ensure quick and easy access, without the hassle of insurance, we have reserved this time for our students.


February 2018

Students shared their difficulties in accessing proper financial aid counseling with a part-time advisor located on North Campus.

January 2019

Hired Jennifer Rice as our full-time, on-site Financial Aid Advisor dedicated to medical students.

A full-time, dedicated staff member on the medical campus should alleviate the issues and student satisfaction will be monitored.

Focus Group

February 2019

URM student specific orientation for Phase 2 requested.

June 2019

Rising M3 URM students dinner/Q&A session with URM residents and rising M4 students

To facilitate connections, establish a support system, and impart wisdom to new M3s before they begin clinical rotations

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