Student Life

Student organizations have several administrative resources available at UB to assist them in reaching their goals. In addition, the Offices of Medical Education is eager to assist in other areas when feasible and appropriate.

Room Scheduling


The Office of Student and Academic Affairs has a fax machine that can be used free-of-charge. Visit the office in suite 1200.  

Club Finances

Under no circumstances is a student group permitted to have a bank account or other account in the group’s name. All financial transactions must be processed through Polity/SubBoard. For any purchases out-of-pocket that you plan to be reimbursed for, be sure to follow Polity’s guidelines and use a tax exemption form. Visit the Polity website for more information.

In addition to money allocated to your group by Polity, you may want to seek additional funds. Here are some ways to tap into other money:

If you’re traveling as an officer of your organization for something that will benefit the student body as a whole, you may be eligible for up to $250 in additional funds from the Medical School Parents’ Council. You must submit a written request in advance explaining the nature of the trip, your role, how the student body will benefit, along with an official flier describing the convention or conference. If approved, you will need to submit a conference announcement along with original receipts (and boarding passes, where applicable) to receive reimbursement.