Use Your UB Email Address

Give your “” email address to colleagues, members of the media and professional contacts.


Your UB email address is associated with your faculty profile and your UBMD profile and indicates that you are a member of our school’s faculty. People who have located you on the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences website will write to you at your UB email address, and using it consistently ensures that everyone has a a reliable way to reach you.

The Office of Communications may contact you via your UB email address to:

  • Help promote your accomplishments
  • Get your perspective on current issues and new research in your field
  • Tell your story in print and online media
  • Connect you with students, potential collaborators, the media or members of the community who want to talk to you about your work


Messages sent from and received at your UB email address are protected by university protocols for privacy and security.

Help people contact you with confidence: Use your UB email address.