Our goal in content for the school's websites is celebrating individual or group accomplishments and achievement, demonstrating expertise and communicating opportunity for prospective students and trainees.

These guides and resources, based on industry best practices, will help maximize the effectiveness of your website and other communications.

  • 9/18/20
    Within the university visual identity system, lockups are the only permissible way to graphically represent a unit, program or division name. No other graphical or typographic treatment, logo or designed permutations of the name that deviate from this construction may be used.
  • 12/7/20
    University websites must be accessible to all users. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your content is accessible.
  • 5/19/20
    Step-by-step instructions for posting events to our calendar system and tips on making the most of your calendar postings so your event stands out from the rest.
  • 8/26/20
    Copy for your department or program’s website should follow Associated Press (AP) style, with a few exceptions and additions as detailed here.
  • 5/19/20
    Recommendations for using your email address and creating an email signature.
  • 4/27/21
    UB Profile is the database that populates the faculty profiles in the websites of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and its departments. UB Profile can also create CVs for promotion and tenure requirements.
  • 8/14/20
    We have two means of building and using forms in UBCMS: the built-in form components and Formstack.
  • 8/21/20
    Photographs add to website content in ways that text cannot. We take high quality photos that support the text of the school's web pages and web-based news stories.
  • 8/27/21
    Use these methods to request publication for new or update pages or to deactivate a page.
  • 7/27/21
    Social media is a popular tool for communicating with prospective and current students and trainees. We encourage you to use social media to promote your research, education and training programs, labs, programs, divisions and departments.
  • 9/2/21
    When submitting updates for your website, convert the page to a Word Document to ensure the changes you want made are clearly and accurately communicated.
  • 12/21/20
    Video can be an important tool for communication across social media, websites, advertising and more.
  • 6/23/21
    Special content in UBCMS and other non-CMS resources.