We have two means of building and using forms in UBCMS: the built-in form components and Formstack.

Built-in Forms

We can work with you to build forms in the CMS. Our staff are experienced in building forms using the CMS components.

If you're comfortable using the CMS, you can build forms yourself.

Forms built using the CMS components can send the form result as a plain text email to one or more recipients. They can also store submitted data in a format you can open in Excel.


UBCMS form components are designed to produce accessible forms. All accessibility requirements are clearly indicated.

Your responsibility to build accessible pages is met through prompts in the form components.


You have two options with Formstack-based forms: we build and manage the form or you can build and manage it yourself.

We build and manage

Our staff are experienced in building forms in Formstack.

Forms we build and manage for you send an email (with file attachments) and can send an optional PDF to a variety of recipients. The email can be styled to include a header element and additional content.

A separate email can be sent to the form submitter.

Additional actions are available on a case-by-case basis.

We do not support saving submitted data in Formstack.

We are responsible for ensuring forms we build meet the university's web content accessibility requirements.

You build and manage

If you wish to build and manage your own forms in Formstack, we can add you as a user to our account at the current additional user rate.

Caveats apply to your use of our Formstack account:

  • You are part of a shared account with finite resources. Our current plan is limited to 100 forms, 10,000 stored submissions and 2gb of stored data. We may need to manage your use.
  • Your forms use a template managed by our office. The template is designed for embedding forms in to UBCMS.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your forms meet the university's web content accessibility requirements.

We do not provide support for using Formstack nor building or managaing your forms. Help is available through Formstack's on-line help.

UBCMS nor Formstack are not appropriate places for ANY regulated private data, such as bank credit/debit card numbers, government-issued ID numbers, health information or computer passwords.

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