Request Author Access to Your Website

Do you need access to your department, division, office or other website in the Jacobs School's websites?

We encourage departments, divisions, offices and other units in the Jacobs School to manage their own websites.

To gain access to your website, you need to do the following:

1. Complete Self-Guided Training

We use UBCMS, the university's web content management system, to create, edit and publish all the websites that represent departments, divisions, offices or other official units of the Jacobs School.

UBCMS provides templates and content choices that are consistent with the university's brand, lets us use common information across multiple sites (shared content) and solves many web content accessibility issues.

In order to be able to make changes to your website, you must first complete the university's self-guided training.

The lets you learn at your own pace. It covers how to use the most commonly parts of UBCMS.  

Jacobs School access permissions are unique

The UBCMS Self-Guided Training includes modules on deleting, moving, publishing, renaming and reordering pages. All of these options require special user permissions.

We use the UBCMS workflow process for most of those options, including publishing and deactivating pages.

The workflow process sends your request to our office. All changes to pages are reviewed by the Office of Communications to ensure they are consistent with the university and school’s style guides.

2. Request Access to Your Site

Complete the form below when you have completed the self-guided training.

An email will be sent to your unit lead, who will confirm your request.

You will receive an email when your access has been granted.