Photographs add to website content in ways that text cannot. We take high quality photos that support the text of the school's web pages and web-based news stories.

You can help us attain professional photos by working with us to identify attractive environments that convey the teaching, research and/or clinic work conducted by your faculty and trainees.


When we take the photos for your website, we try to ensure they are relevant for as long as possible. Eventually, your website photos that will go out of date.

Headshots and Environmental Photos

Faculty portraits are important to the school's recruiting efforts. Prospective students, residents, fellows, faculty and academic leadership look at our website for faculty photos, via the faculty profiles, before attending campus interviews.

Conference Photography

We accept limited photographs of trainees and faculty at conferences for news stories. Photos with red eye, poor lighting or awkwardly posed subjects, however, will undermine what we — and you — are trying to accomplish, which is to give readers the best possible impression of your department.

Model Releases

Any time an individual will be recognizable in a photo or in video, you need to obtain written consent in the form of a model release before sending us photos.