Photos for Your Website

When we take the photos for your website, we try to ensure they are relevant for as long as possible. Eventually, your website photos that will go out of date.

It is not necessary to update the photos on your site every year. Captions on photos that include current trainees (medical students, residents, fellows, masters and PhD students) can be updated to reflect that the person is an alumnus of your program and still be relevant.

Review Once a Year

At the very least, you should review every photo in your website once a year. You are best informed about the changes in your department, division or program and can best determine if photos should be updated.

When to Request New Photos

Request new photos when:

  • Faculty or staff featured in the photo have left or changed roles
  • Locations have changed
  • The physical appearance of a depicted location has changed substantively
  • The photo features outdated technology

We'll work with you schedule and take the photos. Once we've taken all the photos, we'll update your site with the new photos and edit or rewrite the captions.