Photo and Video Consent Form

A model release isn't just necessary when you photograph professional models, or people posing for a picture. Any time an individual will be recognizable in a photo or in video, you need to obtain written consent in the form of a model release.

Our websites are the school's primary channels for publicity: all media posted on them may be regarded as marketing and public relations material. A photo consent form, or model release, lays out the terms of this use and protects you and the university from claims of defamation and invasion of privacy.

When to use it

Use our model release any time you take photographs or video in which any student, faculty member, staff person, or member of the public will be recognizable. Send copies of all model releases to the Office of Communications.

Any photographs taken on university property or at a university event require a signed model release from each person recognizable in the photo. If individuals are under 18, the release must be signed by a parent or guardian.

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