Faculty Portrait Request

Your faculty portrait is important to our recruiting efforts.  Prospective students, residents, faculty and academic leadership look at our website for faculty photos before attending campus interviews.

As one prospective resident said:

“Seeing photos before my interview helped me focus on the interview — and not on remembering people’s names. It felt like I’d ‘met’ them, so meeting them in person was much more comfortable.”

A quality professional portrait in your online faculty profile makes your first positive impression on individuals we want to recruit to our school.

Additionally, prospective patients want to see photos of clinicians they are considering for their health care. The portrait we take of you will appear as well on your clinician profile, on the UBMD website.

Our professional photographer will ensure the best possible quality for your faculty portrait. We will preview your photo, adjust the lighting and camera angle if necessary and make sure you’re happy with your portrait before you leave.

What to wear

We have white coats in stock if you would like to be photographed in one.

Female Faculty

A simple and classic dress or professional suit with a light-colored blouse. If you wear jewelry, keep it small and simple.

Male Faculty

A suit or sport coat that fits you well and is preferably a classic dark color like navy or gray, and a pressed, well-fitting white or light-colored shirt with a dark tie.

What not to wear

• Short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts/blouses

• Busy patterns, plaids, large stripes or turtleneck sweaters

• Light-colored or pastel shirts and blouses, unless accompanied by a dark jacket/blazer

• All black clothing

• Flashy jewelry


Download Your Portrait

Visit our photo database to view and download your portrait.

Portrait requests are only for faculty with a profile

If you do not have a faculty profile and have not received a letter from the dean asking you to have your portrait taken, please do not schedule a portrait.