Supporting our Community: Advocating for Change and Inclusion

Our office's mission is:

  • To coordinate efforts, implement policies, and develop programs to attract, integrate, and engage a diverse community of faculty, residents, students, staff and health care professionals
  • To promote diversity, inclusion, and to embrace cultural differences as a mean to achieve excellence
  • To enrich the learning environment
  • To strengthen the medical school’s ties to our communities
  • To improve health equity for all
  • To implement the Jacobs School Diversity Strategic Plan

"Diversity does not occur along with excellence or in spite of excellence, but it is integral to the excellence and success of any institution."

-Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D., Chief Diversity Officer, AAMC

Our office coordinates educational programs and workshops that reinforce our school’s commitment to excellence through diversity and inclusion.

Dr Griswold.

Our services and expertise help increase cultural competency among decision makers and enrich the pool of eligible faculty candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Celebrating Women`s History Month
8:00 am - 8:00 am
Office of Inclusion and Cultural Enhacement