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Anyango Kamina, PhD, Interim Unit Diversity Officer

Ayango Kamina Portrait.

Anyango Kamina, PhD, Interim Unit Diversity Officer

What does it mean for you to have a commitment to diversity, Inclusion, and Equity?

It means doing actionable and measurable work to fight inequity and injustice. It also means practicing cultural competence in every aspect of how we show up as individuals in our various roles.

What made you choose UB for your PhD Training?

The PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences (PPBS). I was excited about the opportunity to rotate in different laboratories before deciding which lab to join for my PhD training. From the rotations learned new techniques and I studied different organisms. All these experiences developed my critical thinking skills and provided me with a holistic approach to problem solving.

What do you like the most about Buffalo?

I consider Buffalo home since I have grown up here as an adult. Therefore, there are so many things I like about Buffalo. To list some of them, I like the diverse communities that I get to work with and work for. I like the growth and innovation of the city in combating inequities focused on areas such as healthcare accessibility, food insecurity, sustainability, and community empowerment. I also like the chicken wings and the farmers markets.

Maria L. Wilson, Inclusive Excellence Workforce Specialist

Maria L Wilson Portrait.

Maria L. Wilson, Inclusive Excellence Workforce Specialist

What hobbies or interests you have?

I am really curious in nature, so is not unusual that I am interested in a lot of different things that are constantly changing. Right now, I am baking a lot of sweets, enjoying stand-up comedy, and following the story of a young Romanian man living his life traveling and meditating.

What inspires you to get up in the morning?

Literally, my sweet fur baby Shelby... she wakes me up, and we take a walk every day (rain or shine) giving me the opportunity to reflect on the day before, and plan my day ahead. Emotionally, I think it is the potential that this office provides. To make a difference in someone’s life is an incredibly opportunity and I feel really fortunate to be given the chance to do it.

What is your most proud accomplishment?

Migrating. To move to another country, with a different language, a different way of life, and ”start over” as an adult, it has been one of the most difficult things I have experienced. The cultural shock and discovery journey has been challenging and stimulating, at the same time.