different colored leaves celebrating diversity.

Diversity Month: We Value your Uniqueness

Celebrating Diversity is what we do each and every day. April is the month we all get together and rejoice on all the advances we are making as a community to enhance diversity and inclusion. Let's join in celebration!

Meet our World-Wide Diversity Pioneers

Here we honor outstanding women and inspirational role models always working to achieve excellence conquering insurmountable barriers,  and are true leader in their fields. Get to know these world-wide diversity pioneers.

Award of Excellence for Promoting Inclusion and Cultural Diversity

One of the most special forms of celebration for Diversity Month is to recognize the individuals that have made a difference in our community. If you know someone extraordinary (trainee, faculty or staff) that is a promoter of Diversity and Inclusion, let the world know! 

Joseph Robert Love Scholastic Leadership Award

This award recognizes inspirational leadership by an individual or a group of medical students for groundbreaking service and dedication to advancing the Jacobs School’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and social justice — leading to a culturally competent learning environment across disciplines.  

Diversity Glossary

What is Discrimination? What is the diffrence between Implicit and Explicit Bias? What means to be an Ally? All these questions can be answered if you go through the diversity glossary developed by NIH. Find what you are not familiar with, here.

Embracing Diversity at UB

Check out the offices and departments at UB that help embrace diversity, and the ones that work relentlessly towards a more inclusive community. Get involved!

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together” - Malcolm Forbes