Report an Incident

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We have mechanisms for reporting violations of our Learning Environment Policies.

Reporting is an essential part of improving the conditions of our learning experience. It will take everyone’s combined efforts to eradicate harmful practices. 

Reporting discrimination or harassment is not always easy for a person who is experiencing it. However, you should be aware that reporting inappropriate situations is welcomed by the university as a way for us to remedy behavior that violates our policies.

That’s why we need your help. Please report any incident in which you have experienced harassment, discrimination or mistreatment.

Additionally, if you have witnessed another person being victimized by harassment, discrimination or mistreatment, please report the incident.

All reporting is confidential, and retaliation is prohibited.

Speak Up Safely

Learn about reporting options specific to your status at UB:

In Case of Emergency

Contact University Police immediately at (716) 645-2222 if you feel you are in danger. University Police should also be contacted to report any threatening or dangerous behavior.