Safe Learning Workshops

Participate in workshops that promote safe learning and research environments.

Our workshops help everyone gain a fuller understanding of how a number of issues — including unconscious bias, microaggressions and lack of cultural competence — undermine diversity and inclusion, as well as collaboration.

We hold our workshops via in-person and/or virtual sessions. All sessions are offered free of charge.

Scheduled and by-request sessions occur throughout the year. We encourage you to attend multiple workshops.

Workshops by Request

Our office coordinates and advocates for workshops addressing topics of interest to faculty, staff, residents and students. If you are interested in developing, attending or hosting a workshop, we invite you to complete our request form:

Scheduled Workshops

OUCH! This Stereotype Hurts!

Explore the impact of bias and stereotypes, learn why people sit in silence instead of speaking up against bias and stereotypes, and gain knowledge of techniques you can use to speak up against bias and stereotypes without blame or guilt.

Cultural Competency Workshop

Cultural competency workshops, which help you increase your cultural awareness and sensitivity, enable you to:
  • use an iceberg model to outline and discuss the influence of culture on communication and interactions
  • create your own cultural iceberg and share elements of your culture with others
  • identify the most important components of cultural competence: self-knowledge, experience and positive change
  • learn ways to more be inclusive in your communication and interactions with peers, students and community members

Difficult Conversations “DIFCON”

Participate in a platform that allows students, faculty and staff at UB to come together to address issues of critical importance to our community and explore different viewpoints.

This workshop is facilitated by the Office of Inclusive Excellence.

What Would You Do: Bystander Intervention Training

Learn how you can become empowered to prevent violence. Together we will identify problem behaviors, decide when and how to intervene, and work through scenarios to foster safe environments.

This workshop is facilitated by Health Promotion.

Implicit Bias / Microaggression

Learn more about unconscious beliefs about groups of people, and understand the harm caused by subtle but offensive comments or actions directed at members of marginalized groups.

Build Positive Relationships and Create an Inclusive and Respectful Workspace

Learn to create an inclusive and respectful workplace by using strategies to build positive relationships and foster a collaborative work environment.

Unplug the Power of Bias

Learn what bias is, understand where it comes from and gain insight on how to recognize the impact of bias on yourself and others.

This class is offered by UB EDGE.

Safe Zone Training

Learn more about gender and sexual identities, as well as issues facing and within LGBTQ+ communities. Become a better LGBTQ+ ally and increase awareness of resources on our campuses and in Buffalo.

This workshop is presented by the Intercultural and Diversity Center.

Mentor-Protege Mentoring Workshop Series

This series, designed for junior or senior scholars and their mentors, will help you build a strong mentor-protege relationship through which you can find support to enhance growth in the areas of research and team science, teaching and professionalism. This workshop is for scientists engaged in biomedical and behavioral basic and clinical research, as well as related medical fields.