Education & Training

Since 1989, the Toxicology Research Center's Professional Education Division has been successful in attracting both state and federal monies and in providing federal and state required certification training for approximately 2000 inspectors, workers, and regulators involved in hazardous and radiological waste annually. The Center also offers a wide variety of other safety occupational & environmental health and safety training.

The Hazardous Materials Worker Training Program provides both initial and refresher occupational and environmental safety and health training for any audience (e.g., general and construction industries, small businesses, government agencies, etc.).

Courses and training include:

The Center's training philosophy has emphasized high quality training that is responsive to the clients needs. We stress hands-on training and practical exercises and employ instructors with practical field experience in the subjects they teach. In keeping with this philosophy, the TRC uses instructors who are professional contractors and consultants with experience in the course material and other environmental fields.

We can custom design a course to your needs and specifications, and courses are conducted at our facilities or at the client's site using state-of-the-art equipment such as APR, SAR, and SCBA Respirators; Protective Clothing levels A to D; Monitoring and Decontamination Equipment; and Confined Space Entry and Retrieval Equipment.

The TRC's Hazardous Waste Materials Worker Training Program:

  • Is a member of the Atlantic OSHA Training Center (AOTC), one of the 20 OSHA Sponsored Training Centers throughout the country (link)
  • Is a member of the NJ-NY Hazardous Materials Worker Training Consortium (link)
  • Provides training under NIEHS grants from the USEPA and DOE and conducts training at DOE sites, state and local government agencies, chemical and manufacturing industries, and construction firms

All courses and trainings can be modified/expanded to suit facility and/or situational specifics. All courses and trainings can be presented at either TRC facilities or on-site. Any questions about courses should be directed to Joseph Syracuse.