Research & Services

The Toxicology Research Center provides research and specialized laboratory services, including numerous drug and environmental assays and toxicological models. The TRC supports an active industrial research and development program in which businesses can take advantage of the Center's expertise in their sponsored research, toxicity tests, and employee training.

The Center consists of several laboratories that provide a variety of research solutions and services:

  • Analytical Laboratory
    The Analytical Laboratory, in Farber Hall on UB's south campus, provides support to the on-going research projects of the Center as well as other university and industrial interests. The laboratory support involves the development of new analytical techniques, analyses of samples, and analyses of data. All procedures are controlled by a strict QC/QA program. Some of the techniques available include:
  • Biodegradation Laboratory
    The Biodegradation Laboratory, in Farber Hall on UB's south campus, conducts both laboratory and field studies and has a full range of capabilities for studying the mechanisms of degradation of polyolefins, halogenated organics and PAHs. An OWS in-lab composting facility is available, capable of running 32 reactors simultaneously, with synchronous sampling of volatile organics and on-line GC measurement.
  • Toxicology Laboratory
    The Toxicology Laboratory is a multi-user facility located in Cary Hall on UB's south campus, with state-of-the-art instrumentation for conducting cellular, biochemical and molecular studies. New instrumentation in this shared facility includes the following: