Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical Laboratory, in Farber Hall on UB's south campus, provides support to the on-going research projects of the Center as well as other university and industrial interests. The laboratory support involves the development of new analytical techniques, analyses of samples, and analyses of data. All procedures are controlled by a strict QC/QA program. Some of the techniques available include:

  1. GC with EC, FID, PID and Hall detection
  2. HPLC with diode array
  3. fluorescence and electrochemical detection
  4. GC-MS
  5. AAS
  6. mercury determinations
  7. high temperatures GPC for absolute molecular weight
  8. molecular weight distribution determinations

The Analytical Laboratory participates in nationwide proficiency programs for PCBs, pesticides and mercury.

Antimicrobial Testing

The Analytical Laboratory is also equipped to provide evaluation of antimicrobial activity on a wide variety of materials and surfaces using a variety of test microbes. The Center also possesses the capability to evaluate the effects of the agent on the function of the treated material.

Evaluation of an antimicrobial treated additive developed and patented by the Center has been conducted using modified EPA and ASTM methods (EPA 600/8-78-017 & ASTM D5209-92) and organisms from sewage sludge as well as pure strains (e.g. Pseudomonas).

Materials treated with the additive include HEPA filtration materials that were evaluated for antimicrobial effectiveness using AATCC Methods (AATCC 100-1993) and for treatment effect on the filtration capacity using ASTM Method F778-88.

Antimicrobial loading and leachability studies of the additive are conducted using thermogravimetric analysis with a microwave ashing system and employing radiolabelled antimicrobial agent and can also be conducted using GC/Mass Spec or LC methodology.

These materials and methods were developed and modified here at the Center to allow for materials analysis, and demonstrate the flexibility and wide range of capabilities of the Center's Analytical Laboratory. Other microbial work is described under the Biodegradation Lab description.