Jacob Rubin, MD

Jacob Rubin.

Jacob Rubin, MD

Sometimes I feel that this program was tailor-made for me.

Academically, rotating across multiple hospital systems (private, county, VA) with different EMRs and resources has taught me to be flexible and adaptable. I enjoy learning from senior residents and attendings equally. I feel my technical skills and knowledge grow tangibly each month.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine a more fun-loving, close-knit group of residents. Many residency programs may tout this as one of their attributes, but I can confirm that at camaraderie and friendship are truly the reality here. Buffalo is surprisingly and increasingly cosmopolitan and, being raised in Los Angeles, I haven’t felt limited by the number of places to eat and explore.

I am proud of our program and am confident I will graduate a capable urologist with lifelong friends and colleagues.