Research & Facilities

Gen Suzuki and Brian Weil

Faculty members Gen Suzuki, (r), and Brian Weil are investigating potential therapies for patients with ischemic heart disease.

Our pursuit of groundbreaking research in cardiovascular medicine complements our division’s commitment to excellence in clinical care and education.

Investigations in our division span the spectrum of bench-to-bedside research.
We share our research studies with physicians and scientists worldwide through publications in leading academic journals. View a listing of our faculty’s most recent publications.
We receive funding from a variety of sources that recognize the value of our high-impact research.
We invite trainees from medical students to postdoctoral associates to collaborate with us on our investigations into the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Physician-scientists in our division conduct research in cutting-edge facilities and care for patients in diverse clinical settings that boast unique training opportunities.