Roshan Karki.

“We’re fortunate to have such productive exchanges during conferences. They complement our clinical training and prepare us for the board exam,” says Roshan Karki, a fellow in the program.

Our conferences verse you in the topics you need to know for a dynamic career at the forefront of cardiology.

Our required conferences include:

  • 3/7/16
    You’ll discuss interesting patient cases during this weekly session.
  • 4/30/19
    We encourage you to actively participate in this conference, which covers the topics you need to know to master the American Board of Internal Medicine’s certification exam in cardiovascular disease.
  • 3/7/16
    These fellow-led discussions focus on echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, cardiac CTA and cardiac MRI images.
  • 3/7/16
    You’ll present and discuss articles on timely cardiovascular disease topics, improving your analytical skills and staying current in our field.
  • 3/7/16
    During this monthly conference, you’ll present your research, learn about your peers’ progress on their scholarly projects and receive invaluable faculty feedback and guidance.

In addition to our required conferences, we invite you to enrich your training by attending any of the following optional didactic sessions: