Chief Residents


Hometown: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
York University
Medical School:
St. George’s University School of Medicine
Future Plans/Goals:
Cardiology, Academic Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: Buffalo is a beautiful mid-sized city, nestled just minutes from the iconic Niagara Falls. Growing up living in the Greater Toronto Area, my family frequently visited Buffalo to take advantage of the amazing shopping deals at the Walden Galleria Mall. But over the last two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience what Buffalo truly has to offer, which is extremely friendly people, great places to socialize and amazing ways to enjoy nature. Buffalo is a city that allows you to enjoy all four seasons of the year. My summers have been filled with hiking the Niagara Gorge, going on runs through Delaware Park, exploring Canalside and enjoying the rooftop bars/restaurants in the Downtown area. Our winters can be a bit challenging, but the nothing compares to the breath-taking views following the first snow fall of the season. My winters have been filled with watching the Buffalo Sabres face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Key Bank Center, skating along Canalside and skiing in Ellicottville. In addition to the local activities, Buffalo is also close to several major cities, including Toronto and New York City. Buffalo allows you have the perfect work-life balance, making it an exceptional city to live in during residency!

Personal message and what I love about the program: Residency is a very challenging experience but one that is filled with tremendous personal and professional growth. What I love most about our Internal Medicine program is how much we emphasize and foster growth amongst all of our residents. Our program leadership and teaching faculty are committed to creating exceptional physicians and future leaders in the field of Internal Medicine. Our program offers training at three different facilities allowing you to experience a wide-variety of pathologies and obtain the most complete clinical training. We also take tremendous pride in our education curriculum and have several faculty and resident led initiatives to ensure your medical knowledge is the most up to date. In addition to our educational initiatives, our program aims to emphasize the importance of mental health during residency training. Our Wellness Committee is committed to fostering a positive and balanced work environment along with addressing gender and racial biases in Medicine. Additionally, at UB we have the opportunity to work with many of the Country’s top physician-researchers, giving us a strong foundation to become Physician-Scientists and the ability to build on our interests in many subspecialties. I am extremely honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve as the Chief Resident at Buffalo General Medical Center. We have great things planned for this upcoming year and I hope to see many of you (virtually) during the interview season!

Hometown: Brantford, Ontario, Canada
: The University of Western Ontario
Medical School:
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Future Plans
: Rheumatology, Academic Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: As one who enjoys the outdoors and photography, I frequently find myself being on the look-out for new adventures. The Buffalo and Niagara area offers many scenic hiking and biking trails. For breath-taking views, I recommend visiting the Niagara Whirlpool area, especially during the fall, when the leaves start changing. The Canalside also offers a lovely scenic view with great entertainment. For those who enjoy tennis, there are plenty of parks around the Niagara region with well-kept tennis courts.  As a true Canadian, I certainly love the winter months and the associated activities. Buffalo offers outdoor skating, and about an hour away, you can drive down to Ellicottville for some great skiing on our weekends off.

A personal message and what I love about the program: The University at Buffalo Internal Medicine residency program will positively shape you into a resilient physician. One of the many things I love about our program is that it is a warm and welcoming community that strives to provide the best care possible for our patients while strengthening our residents’ skillset. The faculty is supportive and works closely with our residents to ensure they reach their professional goals. There are endless opportunities to help you reach your academic goals, whether it would be research or being exposed to a wide variety of pathology by training at various hospital sites, such as BGMC, ECMC, VA or RPCI. We also have protected time for our academic half-days where we meet with our colleagues for didactic sessions. Our program also offers excellent mentorship, education, and promotes resident wellness. You will build strong and long-lasting relationships with both your co-residents and attending physicians. Despite being a large program, there is a strong sense of community and support for one another. We genuinely have an excellent collegial environment, which provides a great atmosphere for learning and patient care. I am truly honored to serve as a Chief Resident at Buffalo General Medicine Center and Gates Vascular Institute. I look forward to working with all of you to ensure we provide excellent patient care while also making your experience in residency educational, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

Hometown:  Buffalo, New York
Undergraduate:  Canisius College
Medical School:  Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Future Plans/Goals:  
Gastroenterology, academic medicine, starting a family

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity:  Anyone who knows me knows how near and dear this city is to my heart! Born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, I’ve grown to love this city more and more with each additional year I spend here. What I love most about Buffalo is the food! It is no secret that I am a “foodie” and have tried an innumerable amount of restaurants that Buffalo has to offer. Our city also happens to be known as “The City of Good Neighbors,” and has never failed to live up to this expectation. I love the city’s friendly and inviting atmosphere. There is also always something to offer: rain, snow or shine! In the summer, I enjoy boating on the lakes and in the Niagara River, kayaking one of our many creeks, or dining on the water. Fall is my favorite season in this city, when our Buffalo Bills football team begins to play and attending a game is an absolute must. I cannot fail to mention the beautiful town of Ellicottville south of the city, home to the annual Fall Fest. In the winter, I enjoy heading down to Ellicottville to visit the Holiday Valley Resort and snowboarding as well. Needless to say, there is always something to offer in our city regardless of the weather!

Personal message and what I love about the program: I had the privilege of attending medical school here and completing my medicine rotations with the residents in this program, therefore was exposed to our residency early on. I could not help but notice the camaraderie between the residents and attendings. This proved to be true throughout my training thus far. I have felt supported by an amazing group of not only resident peers but attendings as well. The APD’s and PD continue to support my growth as a training physician and encourage me to be the best physician I can be. We are also so lucky in this training program to be able to care for a diverse population of patients, an experience that has proved to be truly rewarding for me. 

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
University at Buffalo, Biotech Major
Medical School:
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, MD/MBA dual degree
Future Plans/Goals:
Hospital Medicine, Healthcare Administration

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: If I had to choose just one, my favorite activity in Buffalo is the music scene. Buffalo has plenty of venues that draw acts for all tastes. My personal favorites are Town Ballroom for well known alternative bands and EDM, Mohawk Place for intimate rock shows, and Nietzsche's for local acts during late nights out in Allentown. Artpark and Canalside act as great outdoor venues in the summer too. Honorable mentions go to the robust brewery scene, the budding distillery scene, and going to the beautiful Ellicott Island dog park with my two best friends.

Personal Message and What I Love about the Program: Being a born and raised Buffalonian, I'm of course biased, but I've lived through Buffalo's revival and have seen so much of it centered around the medical campus. The University brings some of the brightest minds to the city, including talented clinicians, brilliant researchers, and ambitious entrepreneurs, and all of these open doors are evident throughout residency here. It has been a privilege to be able to take care of the people of Buffalo and each training site at the program offers a unique experience in that regard: caring for our veterans at the VA, the most medically complex patients at Buffalo General, and the city's indigent at ECMC, where the art of medicine matters as much as the science. Another great thing about this program is the variety of diagnoses we take care of. We really are in a sweet spot as a tertiary care provider in a small city in that not only do we get plenty of "zebras" and medically complex patients, but that we ourselves are the primary caregivers as residents. Simply put, you won't go a day without learning something new.  

Hometown:   Brampton, Ontario, Canada
University of Toronto
Medical School:  
Ross University School of Medicine
Future Plans/Goals:  
Rheumatology, Academic Medicine and opening my own Bollywood style – cardio fitness centers.

I was born in Mumbai and lived in Delhi till I was 17. Since I grew up in India, it will always be my first home. Brampton is where my family lives and where I’ve built amazing friendships over the last 12 years. I consider Brampton to be my hometown!

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity:  As a person who has travelled and moved a lot, I love cultural and adventurous experiences! Over the last two years, I’ve made amazing friends-like-family here, with whom I have explored a variety of different areas in and around Buffalo. The activities throughout the year, be it summer activities such as kayaking and outdoor concerts at the scenic canal side or local art at the Christmas market, makes one appreciate the art and culture Buffalo has to offer. Regardless to say going to the falls is one of my favorite activities, I enjoy both the American state park side for some great hikes and the Canadian side, which has the best views, for fun group activities. Although I love summers, I have come to appreciate the winters and took my first skiing trip at Ellicottville this past winter. Wine tasting is a hobby I acquired after moving to Buffalo – there are several amazing wineries north and south of Buffalo, and the road trip to/from them provides breathtaking scenic views throughout the year! Overall, I love our city and everything it has to offer, and I truly enjoy living here.

Personal message and what I love about the program: What I absolutely love about this program is how they are nurturing me to be my best self. Residency shapes everyone in different ways, and my experience so far has made me a more creative, competent and humble leader and physician. I have excellent mentors who’ve provided me ample support to give life to my ideas and have given me constant guidance to achieve my career goals. Our program offers amazing teaching faculty who’ve supported me in my growth as a physician. By providing training at multiple different sites and dedicated clinical, elective and research time, our program provides a platform to train all types of internists – those interested in outpatient or inpatient careers and those interested in further training. Additionally, our program’s leadership has shown a constant passion for growth and has given emphasis on improving resident educational experience via resident feedback – a quality that makes us unique! All these professional benefits are important, but what makes me truly love this program is the wonderful sense of camaraderie. I am thankful for these friendships, because this is what will make my residency – a worthwhile memorable experience. I am honored to be appointed as the Chief Resident, and looking forward to working with my co-chiefs, our faculty and the leadership to facilitate an excellent clinical and educational experience for my fellow residents.

Hometown:  Nestled between the Zabarwan range of the Himalayas, the most beautiful place in the entire world (and I am not kidding): Srinagar, Kashmir. Additionally, I have spent a considerable amount of time in Riyadh and New Delhi. A dual citizen of Buffalo now.
Medical School:  
Government Medical College, Srinagar, Kashmir
Future Plans/Goals:  
Endocrinology, Academic Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity:  Having travelled far and wide, Buffalo is hands down one of the most beautiful and convenient cities to live in. With beautiful architecture, a vast parks system and great trails, you will never run out of exploring things. Buffalo has everything I wanted in a city, minus the traffic jams. The people are cordial and friendly and have a sense of community and welfare. Every place you would ever want to visit is literally a 20-minute drive. Driving further never disappoints with the surrounding Finger Lakes and national parks and of course, the Niagara Falls. Our city is attracting the young generation and immigrants, bringing in a mix of cultures, great diversity and of course – mouthwatering cuisines! And if you ever feel you need to travel outside the US – the great White North is just a bridge away.

Personal message and what I love about the program: Our Internal Medicine program is continuously evolving and has taken massive strides every year. If you want clinical exposure, do not think twice. The program provides tremendous exposure in terms of the diversity of pathology and type of patient population. On the other end, Buffalo has tremendous research activity taking place and the program provides opportunities to residents with a research bent by providing 12 weeks of research time over the final 2 years. The academic culture in our program has had a tectonic shift, with introduction of the new curriculum, both for incoming and the current residents. Introduction of medical jeopardy escape rooms and EKG/Radiology sessions, along with case presentations has made learning fun. A common denominator of all our residents is their camaraderie and helping nature, which makes working in our demanding field, a whole lot easier.

Hometown:  Toronto, Canada
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Medical School:  
Medical University of the Americas, St. Kitts & Nevis
Future Plans/Goals:  
Pulmonary Critical Care

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity:  I first fell in love with this city when I completed my Masters of Social Work at the University at Buffalo 10 years ago. There is a reason why they always say that even if you leave, you will always return back to Buffalo! One of my favourite activities when away from clinical duties is to explore some of the local wineries in the Finger Lake regions, especially during the autumn season. For those who love outdoor adventure and scenic beauty, you will love taking a day trip to Letchworth State Park (The Grand Canyon of the East Coast) and the globally renowned Niagara Falls. Exploring the numerous waterfalls, hiking trails, and having picnics are a perfect stress reliever. The proximity to cities such as New York City, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia allows for a quick weekend getaway. The winter season in Buffalo is always fun! Snow, snow and more snow! One of my most memorable moments in residency thus far are the weekend trips to Ellicottville, which is a quaint ski village an hour outside of Buffalo. Everything from skiing, snowboarding, live music, bar hopping and hot chocolate by the fire, makes this a resident favourite. Lastly, what I absolutely love is the Buffalo food game. I make it a point to try a new restaurant, brunch spot, coffee shop as often as I can!

Personal message and what I love about the program: The beauty of having a large residency program such as ours is the aspect of diversity and having the ability to train residents to adapt to varying learning styles. With each resident having a vastly different educational and cultural background, the program strives to broaden the level of learning; ensuring that as a program we are meeting the educational needs for all. Our program fosters an environment that provides residents with the resources they require to succeed ensuring mental and physical wellbeing, leading to an increased quality of care for our patients as well as attaining a healthy, work-life balance. It is my honor to be your Chief Resident of Physician Wellness, providing all residents with guidance, support, empathy and security. Welcome to Buffalo!

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Undergraduate: McMaster University
Medical School: University of New England
Future Plans/Goals: Gastroenterology

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: A homeland near another homeland, really can’t be another ideal place to settle down. A perfect neighborhood which provides excellent experiences which my family and I cherish all year long. Activities ranging from all four beautiful seasons, scenic canal side with bunch of summer activities, snowy hills for winter fun, great hikes to appreciate fall beauty, and of course great variety of restaurants. Additionally, Canada only minutes away - makes Buffalo a great spot for my family.  

Personal message and what I love about the program: My training in Internal Medicine at the University at Buffalo has been very rewarding. These past 2 years have not been easy given new challenges and learning opportunities being offered every day. However, these moments and opportunities have further helped me transform into a person and a resident I am today. UB provides an ideal experience for a resident to mold into someone who is ready for the real world. The Internal Medicine program provides many research opportunities to shape ones path forward for an academic or a clinical career. I am truly very excited for you to join our program and our community at Buffalo. I am looking forward to working with each one of you, and help in any way I can.