Conferences and Rounds

Norah Lincoff, MD, with residents during a conference.

Neurology trainees learn about vision impairments in neurological conditions through an informative discussion with expert neuro-ophthalmologist Norah S. Lincoff, MD.

Learn, share, teach and challenge yourself through our engaging forums, personalized and group discussions and specialized research presentations.

Adult Neurology Conferences and Rounds

You will participate in daily dialogues with the attending neurologist, presenting cases and discussing your diagnostic findings and therapeutic plans.
These group discussions are based on current, relevant articles chosen by a resident and presented together with a faculty expert.
This participatory forum, together with input you receive during rounds involving patient encounters, will allow you to apply crucial information to patient care.
These lectures provide current knowledge on a broad range of topics in neurology — from laboratory research and clinical problems to epidemiological studies. They may address theoretical, pathological or therapeutic approaches to neurological disease.

Cross-Training Conferences and Rounds