Our Current Students

PhD Program

Joseph Costa

“The department’s new emphasis on quantitative analysis has given me the opportunity to adopt more sophisticated methods for my research.”

Mentor: Frank Mendel, PhD, Associate Professor

David Freedman

"What we are studying is absolutely fascinating, and I truly feel we are going to make a difference in the field."

Mentor: Michal Stachowiak, PhD, Professor

Seerat Elahi

"With guidance of Dr. Olejniczak, I am investigating the co-transcriptional mechanisms of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation to understand foundation of stem cell biology and etiology of pathological disorders caused by stem cells dysregulation."

Mentor: Scott Olejniczak, PhD, Assistant Professor of Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Brandon Ginley

"Pinaki always makes sure to motivate his students towards the big picture, ticket winning ideas."

Mentor: Pinaki Sarder, PhD, Assistant Professor

Darshana Govind

“Proud to be a part of the Sarder Lab. We're all about pushing the intellectual boundaries.”

Mentor: Pinaki Sarder, PhD, Assistant Professor

Russell Gullekson

"There are many opportunities for interdisciplinary research and for integrating modern technology with the study of anatomy."

Mentors: John Tomaszewski, MD, Professor & Chairman and Frank Mendel, PhD, Associate Professor

Brendon Lutnick

"Applying quantitative computational analysis in a department traditionally focused on qualitative biology presents unique research opportunities."

Mentor: Pinaki Sarder, PhD, Assistant Professor

Masters Program

Claudia Aghaie

“I'm happy I decided to pursue the MA program because it prepared me for medical school.”

Mentor: Roh-Yu Shen, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Tyler Gustafson

Mentor: John Kolega, PhD, Associate Professor

Zach LaMacchia

"Being in this program has allowed me to work on a project that incorporates different fields of study such as pathology, pharmacology, and neuroscience."

Mentor: Tracey Ignatowski, PhD, Assistant Professor