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James R. Olson, PhD with a backdrop of Egyptian cotton workers

Our internationally recognized faculty use powerful, innovative research techniques including optogenetics, computer-aided genomics and proteomics. Their work crosses disciplinary boundaries to address health issues from circadian rhythm disorders to multiple sclerosis, drug abuse and pesticide toxicity.

Tatiana Shaurova, a student, working in the lab

We promote independent student research at every level. Our faculty labs train undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs, building a robust research community that ensures strong mentoring and well-supported learning opportunities for all of our researchers.

Student and faculty researchers examine a sample together.

Our department houses the Toxicology Research Center, one of our school’s core research facilities. Our faculty labs include cutting-edge equipment for genomics and proteomics, cellular and molecular studies, behavioral neuropharmacology and much more.

A pharmacology and toxicology student describes her research to Richard Rabin, PhD.

We foster engagement with the latest research in our field through our seminar series, the Upstate New York Pharmacology Society’s annual meeting (which we host) and frequent interdisciplinary collaborations. We also fully fund student travel to present at national meetings.