Pursue hands-on collaborative research at every level of your education with our distinctive degree programs.

Majoring in pharmacology and toxicology grounds you in biomedical concepts and research skills that pave the way for successful graduate study or careers in industry.
Jump-start your career in pharmacology and toxicology by combining your Bachelor’s in Science (BS) degree with a Master’s in Science (MS) in only five years.
Our master’s in pharmacology provides you with a foundation in the discipline and helps you develop an individualized program of research.
As a pharmacology PhD candidate, you will do research in our highly collaborative environment, present your findings in a variety of settings and acquire the skills of a well-rounded, independent research scientist.
Carry out your PhD research in a department as committed to interdisciplinarity and collaboration as you work toward your MD-PhD.
We celebrate scholarly excellence and contributions to the scientific community through competitive annual awards. 
Pharmacology and toxicology graduate students meet on a formal and informal basis and organize departmentwide events, including participation in the annual Upstate New York Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting.
Learn about our admissions criteria and how to apply at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level.